Sunday, October 15, 2006

Remote Wireless Audio Surveillance Spy Gadgets

This is a spy gadget that works on GSM, the global communications network. It has an anonymous SIM card inside and you can call it from anywhere in the world to hear what is going on around it. So simple and so much better quality than the old radio transmissions. This spy bug also doubles as a tracker, as you can locate the position of the SIM card for free online. It provides a very covert surveillance solution and is the latest in spy equipment technology. Full instructions included.
At just 8cm long this is great to hide, inside another object or wherever. It is completely wireless and silent, so giving stealth surveillance to you. For more info click here.


Blogger Spy-1 said...

Hi Chandrika,

You had left a posting on my blog ( - I am replying to your post for saying that I would be interested in putting this on my blog and in earning the commission too (in case of a purchase).

Let me know how to proceed on this.

Srikanth aka Spy-1

8:37 AM  

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