Friday, July 07, 2006

Aromatherapy Snoozer Travel Pillow

The aromatherapy travel pillow is a cut above ordinary travel gadgets. With a built-in atomiser this travel gadget will send you off into sweet dreams wherever you are. No more long restless flights or train journeys, head propped against a cold, hard window.

The travel pillow deflates to a pocket size and has a handy bag to keep it in, so no matter where you are you can just blow this up and snooze away. It comes with essential oil, lavendar is the best for relaxation, and you put a drop in and the aromatherapy travel pillow will release a soothing aroma whilst gently supporting your head and neck.

It is made from a soft and durable fabric and has a flat back, so offers you ultimate comfort on any journey, anywhere. And the great thing is it only costs £9.99!

To buy the aromatherapy travel pillow now for £9.99 , or see more info click here


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